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West Bay waste-yard

By Megan
West Bay waste-yard

A walk along the West Bay promenade could leave anyone thinking they were in some exotic location. But – opposite the scenic pathway – a council-owned car park is filling up not with cars but with eleven apparently abandoned caravans.

The caravans are currently spread across the back row of the car park, taking up what should be parking spaces in one of the towns few free off-road car parking facilities.

The issue was raised by Dunoon Community Council at a meeting of the council’s Bute and Cowal Area Committee on Tuesday (June 1). During the public question time segment of the meeting Willie Lynch, Secretary of the Dunoon Community Council said: “The Glenmorag car park has been a dumping ground for a number of years for old, unwanted caravans.

“We have been told that a Traffic Regulation Orders (TRO) needs to be in place before action. I suggest that these items are un-roadworthy, dilapidated and have obviously been abandoned there.

“In addition, there are no markings to identify ownership. In other words, they have been dumped by persons unknown. Why can action not be taken quickly to remove them in order to destroy them?”

Councillor Yvonne McNeilly suggested that the caravans be up-cycled and put to use for the community however councillor Bobby Good confirmed the council roads department is seeking to gain more power over car parks by putting in place a TRO (traffic regulation order).

A spokesperson for Argyll and Bute council said: “We are looking at developing Traffic Regulation Orders for off-street car parks within the Bute and Cowal Area.

“This will allow our council wardens to manage parking and carry out enforcement activities to prevent caravans and other vehicles from being left inconsiderately within council car parks. This will free up spaces for our own communities and the travelling public who visit our areas.”

For more on the council’s new plan for dedicated campervan sites in Bute and Cowal, see this weeks edition of the Dunoon Observer and Argyllshire Standard.

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