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Temporary road closures for Gathering

By Gill Wollers
Temporary road closures for Gathering

Argyll and Bute Council has made temporary road closures and other traffic provisions for the Cowal Highland Gathering this weekend.

These orders are as follows:

Friday August 26

No Waiting between 1am and 11pm on:

A815 Argyll Street eastside from southern extended kerbline of Bencorrum Brae to the entrance of Dunoon Stadium.

Saturday August 27

Prohibition of Traffic between 7am and 11pm on:

Argyll Street from Alexandra Parade to Hamilton Street;

John Street from Argyll Street to Louis Lane.

Saturday August 27

No waiting – from 1am until 11pm on:

Argyll Road both sides, from Argyll Street to Park Road;

Argyll Street both sides, from Hamilton Street to Bencorrum Brae;

Sandbank Road both sides from Bencorrum Brae to Ardenslate Road;

Hamilton Street both sides from Argyll Street to Victoria Road;

Queen Street both sides;

Union Lane both sides;

Ardenslate Road both sides;

Tom a Mhoid Road both sides;

Castle Street both sides, from Tom a Mhoid Road to Hillfoot Street (except parking bays);

Auchamore Road both sides, from Hillfoot Street to Wellington Street;

Bencorrum Brae both sides;

Clyde Street north side from Alexandra Parade to Park Road;

Park Road both sides, from a point 30 metres south of its junction with Clyde Street to Dixon Avenue;

Dixon Avenue both sides, from a point 20 metres east of its junction with Park Road to a point 20 metres west of the entrance to Kirn School;

Bogleha Road both sides;

Douglas Cottages both sides, for a distance of 30 metres from its junction with Park Road;

Victoria Road both sides (except parking bays);

Pier Esplanade both sides from its junction with Alexandra Parade to its junction with Tom a Mhoid Road.

Saturday August 27

No Waiting from 1am until 11.59pm on:

Marine Parade west side from Kirn Brae to the Western Ferry Terminal access;

Marine Parade east side from a point 260 metres south of Kirn Brae to the Western Ferry Terminal access;

Marine Parade east side from Western Ferries in a northerly direction to parking bays;

George Street (Hunter’s Quay) both sides;

Cammesrenaich Brae both sides;

James Street both sides between George Street and Marine Parade;

Hunter Street both sides, between James Street and Ardenslate Road.

Saturday August 27/Sunday August 28

One Way Operation from 4pm on Saturday until 2am on Sunday and from 8am to 11.59pm on Sunday on:

Marine Parade, Hunter’s Quay (A815) between junction with Cammesrenaich Brae to Kirn Brae – travel permitted northbound;

Cammesrenaich Brae, George Street (Hunter’s Quay), James Street, Hunter Street, Ardenslate Road and Kirn Brae – travel permitted southbound

Exceptions apply to vehicles connected to the event, those under police supervision or being used for an emergency.

Vehicles found in contravention may be subject to uplift and removal.

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