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National Care Service – Council says ‘NO’

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By Gordon Neish
National Care Service - Council says 'NO'

Argyll and Bute Council rejects national care service proposal


A national care service, as proposed by the Scottish Government, is not the solution to social care service challenges, especially for rural communities –  is the view that Argyll and Bute Council will submit to a Scottish Government’s national consultation.

The council convened a special meeting today (Thursday) to consider proposals for creating a national care service for Scotland.

The consultation covers themes including improvement, access to care and support, and residential care charges.

Leader of Argyll and Bute Council, Councillor Robin Currie said: “People use social care services at very difficult, vulnerable times in their life. It’s vital therefore that any changes made are the right ones. We welcome the focus on improving social care support for anyone who needs it, and the opportunity to get involved in developing services for the future. However, we have significant concerns about the proposals and what they could mean for Argyll and Bute.

For example, more consideration needs to be given to their impact on rural and remote communities like those of Argyll and Bute – delivering services in the urban, central belt of Scotland can be very different to delivering them on islands and to dispersed communities. Services based on local knowledge will better meet local need.

The changes proposed would cost a lot of money – there needs to be clarity on investment available for social care services.

These proposals have the potential to be the most significant public sector reform in Scotland for decades – given councils’ knowledge of their area’s needs, councils must have the opportunity to play an active part in developing the way forward.

Any changes introduced have to be right for all areas in Scotland.”

The Scottish Government’s consultation closes on November 2.

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