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Further delays for MV Bute

CalMac give an earliest possible return date

By Cameron Middleton
Further delays for MV Bute

After sourcing components for an ongoing fault with the main engine crankshaft, CalMac has advised that MV Bute could remain out of use until January 19 ‘at the earliest’.

The vessel, which was originally taken away from service in November, has been an ongoing issue for CalMac.

The issue lies with the main engine crankshaft, which needed replacement components to be sourced, installed and tested in order for the vessel to return to the Rothesay-Wemyss Bay route.

There placement components have thankfully been sourced and are now with CalMac, yet further problems lie with the installation and repair work needed for the faulty crankshaft.

The timing is unfortunate, as the contractor appointed for the work on MV Bute has closed operations over the
Christmas period, and aren’t set to return until January 5. This has then pushed the completion date back
further, with CalMac aiming for MV Bute to return on January 19.

A spokesperson for CalMac added: “The specialist contractor undertaking the work on MV Bute’s main engine crankshaft has closed for the Christmas and New Year break and will resume work on the vessel on January 5.
“The Christmas and New Year period was included in the estimated date for the completion of the work. Therefore, the assessment of the time to complete the repair remains unchanged and MV Bute is expected to return to service on January 19 at the earliest.”

The Rothesay-Wemyss Bay route continues to operate as a one vessel service.

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