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Fare thee weel, Chico the Clown

A much-loved children's character is hanging up his clown shoes

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By Gordon Neish
Fare thee weel, Chico the Clown

Loved by generations of Cowal children, Chico the Clown became plain Tommy Templeton after he announced his show at last Saturday’s (August 28) Cowal Fringe was his last ever performance.

Chico was a regular at Kirn Gala and at Cowal Highland Gathering, his loud jackets and colourful props making him a big hit with generations of weans.

He told us he first started coming to what he called ‘Cowal Weekend’ in the mid-1970s.

He said: “I’ve enjoyed every minute of Dunoon. I’ve loved coming over here and meeting everybody.

“I’ve done Kirn Gala and the Cowal Games, and before that, I did the holiday camp at Hafton.”

Asked his best memory of Dunoon he said: “Everything. The ferry journey across for a start. The minute you get on that ferry you know you’re in for something just different. Half way across it just changes to the more relaxed way of life over here. I’ve loved every minute of it.”

We asked if he had a message for his many fans in the area, and he said: “I’m going to miss you all. I’ll be back visiting though, don’t worry about that.”

Tommy Templeton will be returning as a visitor though, not the much-loved Chico the Clown.

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