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Argyll and Bute Council- More of the same

Cross-party group to govern Argyll and Bute council

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By Megan Bonar
Argyll and Bute Council- More of the same

Argyll and Bute Council will once again be steered by The Argyll, Lomond and Islands group after a deal was struck by the Conservative and Liberal Democrat councillors as well as some independent councillors to work together.

The composition of the council was confirmed yesterday (Thursday, May 12) at the first meeting of Argyll and Bute Council since the election earlier this month.

SNP councillors make up 33 per cent of the council, with 12 councillors elected which should have given them the largest share of votes within the council, however, the coalition between the Conservatives, LibDems and four Independents means they will now be the biggest group within the council thus forming the administration.

Bute and Cowal councillors; Liz McCabe (Ind), Yvonne McNeilly (Con), William Sinclair (LD), Ross Moreland (LD), and Daniel Hampsey (Con) are all now part of the council ‘administration’.

Two independent councillors have grouped together to form a group called Argyll First.

While no official coalition between the SNP, Green and Labour councillors and the remaining independents was announced they did vote together on each occasion during the meeting.

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